Who are we:

Winged warriors, as with most Americans, understands the debt owed to the brave soldiers, marines, and airmen who fight for our freedom every day. Although we as individiuals will never be able to repay that debt, Winged Warriors will offer no cost pilot training as an attempt to thank our military servicemen/women. Winged Warriors will provide for all necessary expenses so our students will be able to focus on their training without the burden of financial hardship.

Although not a flight school, Winged Warriors will use our substantial connections to insure our students will fly the best aircraft and learn from the best instructors.

Winged Warriors relies upon the generosity of fellow patriots to insure that we never turn students away due to lack of funding or equipment and can assure all donors that nearly 100% of our donations are used for the furtherence of this charity.

What we do:

Winged Warriors is not a flight school. We will however cover all expenses of our students- from obtaining a private pilots certificate through ATP (airline transport pilot). Students can learn to fly as a hobby or as a new career. As mentioned in recent studies, nearly 500,000 commercial pilots will be needed worldwide by the year 2030. Winged Warriors students will help fill this void.

Our students will learn to fly in quality, current aircraft and taught by FAA approved instructors.

Learning to fly is not as easy endeavor-the learning or relearning of physics, math, weather, and human limitations are only the beginning of a tough path. We will expect all students accepted into our program to obtain their private pilots certificate and hopefully their CFI (certified flight instructor) rating to return their newly found knowledge to our program. Students can expect to spend 2-6 months obtaining their private pilots certificate and substantially longer if the goal is a career as a commercial pilot.